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  • According to preliminary statistics provided by the Brazilian ministry of development, industry and foreign trade, in December 2012 Brazil's flat steel exports totaled 208,581 tonne rising by 15.8% YoY and down 6.5% from November 2012. Brazilian flat
  • Forbes reported that the Chinese economy is improving the nations leading steel companies reported profits in November for the first time in 4 months. Statistics from the China Iron and Steel Association showed that the biggest steel firms there have
  • Indias minister of steel Mr Beni Prasad Verma congratulated the Indian steel industry on being the number one in terms of growth rate in steel production amongst the top ten steel producing countries. Congratulating the Steel Industry he said, I take
  • The Express Tribune reported that gas shortages have pushed a number of steel mills in sectors I - 9 and I - 10 to using coal, increasing the level of pollution in the city. Mr Asif Shuja director general of Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency s
  • Bloomberg, citing 3 three people familiar with the matter, reported that Indias biggest steel producers are in talks to buy coking coal at the lowest price since 2010. The people said that they expect to contract the steelmaking ingredient at as low
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DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel Chemical Composition,DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel supplier

DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel supplier

DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel is a kind of material for boiler and pressure vessel steel. DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel is mainly used to  for manufacturing boilers, pressure vessels and pipes transporting hot liquids.

There are five main elements in DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel, carbon(C), manganese(Mn), phosphorus(P), sulfur(S) and silicon(Si).

DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel Chemical Composition specific data is as follows:

C  %    0.08-0.2
Mn %    0.90-1.50
P  %    0.025
S  %    0.015
Si %     0.40

Generally, if the carbon content in steel increases, the yield point and tensile strength will increase, however, the plasticity and impact resistance will decrease. If the carbon content is over 0.23%, the steel welding performance will deteriorate, so low alloy structural steel, which is used for welding, carbon content is usually less than 0.20%. High carbon content would reduce the steel atmospheric corrosion resistance ability, in the open yard high carbon steel is corroded easily. In addition, carbon can increase the steel cold brittleness and aging sensitivity.

Through the above data, DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel contains 0.08-0.2% Carbon, we can know that, DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel yield strength can reach 295 Mpa and DIN17165 17 Mn 4 steel tensile strength can reach 580 Mpa, however, the plasticity and impact resistance will decrease.

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